Amazon accidentally sold costly camera gear for INR 6,500, but it was a glitch

Amazon, the biggest multinational online shopping company recently had their Primeday Sale on July 15th and 16th worldwide. During that sale Amazon mistakenly sold some very high-end camera gears. They were from the very popular brands like Sony, Canon and also Fujifilm. Whatever that was not an intentionally updated content. Though it did a very happy mood to the buyers. Even though it was not available for a long time.

However the glitch sold Canon ES 800 lens at Rs 6,500 (equivalent to $95) which generally retails at Rs 9 lakhs (equivalent to $13,000). This major mortise price drop was insane which also the buyers could not resist. After knowing this incident, a huge bunch of customers did purchase that lens.

The exited people could not but write this whole thing on the social forum, Reddit. Some of them thanked Jeff Bezoz for this deal. Some says they got a camera which was supposed to sell at $3,000, he got at just $94. And some says they bough a $16,000+ gear at just $6,000.

A reddit user also writes, “Right place, right time.”

One buyer also wrote, “Bought the most expensive camera bundle during the prime day glitch for 94.48. Thank you, Bezos!”. However, some showed their restlessness saying if they would get these items or it would be canceled for the shipping.