Apple Iphone XR successor will have duel rear camera, render leaked

Since the last launch in 2018, Apple is selling their new iphone models Iphone XS, XS MAX and XR globally. Though it has been seen that Apple has struggled a lot this year selling the high end variants like XS and XS MAX in India, they just have cut the price down.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded, the price “adjustment” in India has led to “preliminary some better results here.”

Now we got some of the renders of 2019 Iphones. Iphone XR’s successor will have a duel camera setup as well as Iphone XI AKA Iphone XS’s successor will have a triple rear camera setup. Both the models will have the square sized camera portion.

When it will be launched

If Apple follows the same pattern in 2019, the launch will be on 10th of September 2019, Tuesday. The pre-order will start from 13th of September and the sale will start from 20th of September.