Apple 11 launch date? Here is the date they are looking forward

The Apple is two months away to launch the iPhone 11 this year. So, we are at the edge of the grand launch of the brand. It means, after the WWDC event, the next thing is the September event.

So, when the official launch will be?

If we look at some past years events, then we get a clear picture of the day that could be the announcement day. Here the dates of the past September events.

  • September 9th, 2015, Wednesday
  • September 7th, 2016, Wednesday
  • September 12th, 2017, Tuesday
  • September 12th, 2018, Wednesday

So, Apple usually holds their press events on September, alongside the launch event on the Tuesday or Wednesday of second week of September. As Apple avoids holding any events on 11th of September, we can expect the upcoming 2019 event to happen on September 10th, Tuesday.

Not only just this. On this event, Apple will do launch thier iPhone 11 series along with the Apple Watch 5 series. So, if the day is suppose 10th September, then the pre-order for 2019 iPhone will start from 13th September, Saturday.

Well, that’s the little update to all tech geeks. But, we are not done here. What will be the features in iPhone 11 and 11 Max, we will do that later on some post. We’ll definitely keep you updated. Are you planning to upgrade your last iPhone? Let us know your thoughts on comment section and do consider to share this article.