Call of Duty Mobile is all set to launch in India in this month with early access

Call of Duty Mobile will be the only game to compete with PUBG Mobile lately. If you were eagerly waiting for Call of Duty mobile then you should not worry much more. Because Activision has launched Call of Duty on Google Play Store.

Who developed COD Mobile?

Everyone now a days aware about Activision. But not just they, Tencent also is working hard to develop the game to make it available for all the gamers and casual people.

Well, Tencent developed and released the game in Play Store. But the game will not be available for all region and users just now, but for them who registered might get an invitation from the developers.

As it’s mentioned on Google Play, this game is on beta stage or early access. So they could invite you to get your feedback on the game.

I registered but didn’t get any install button!

Well, then don’t worry. If you registered but didn’t get invited, then you should not worry much. It may be that they are working on their servers. Just try to log out and clear cache of your Play Store amd try login to your account. If still not available, then it might be the beta apace ia full or may get space later. Just keep eye on Store often.

I installed but game crashed, what should I do?

If your game crashed or couldn’t run or the display became black, then try clearing cache and run again. If the server goes off or showing time out, then it’s also ok. It happens when the the server is under maintenance or off. You can try after some time when the server comes online.

However the game already got downloaded 10k+ on Play Store. It got 2k+ reviews with 4.6 stars.

Developers also informed about the specifications needed. One should has at least 3 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage to run the game. The game is 1.4 GB in size and can get bigger depending on your device.


Get registered here on Google Play