Call Of Duty Mobile is near to launch as Activision opens CODM Twitter official

Activision is always active on social media. Even their most popular franchise Call Of Duty has their own official accounts of Twitter, Instagram and even on Facebook. Now it’s official for Call Of Duty Mobile too. For them who don’t know, Call Of Duty will now be official for Mobile platform too. However it’s now on only a test beta phase in Australia, Canada and Peru. But soon, very soon it will be official globally. Now Call Of Duty owns their official Twitter account on Twitter. This gives a clear hint for the global launch that seems very soon now, after the official Twitter.

As time passes, Call Of Duty’s official launch for mobile is coming forth. A report also says that it may be September when Call Of Duty may launch globally. Also, the Apple’s App Store of South Korea featured a page for Call Of Duty Mobile a couple of days before. It says that on 2nd October, COD Mobile will be launched officially in Korea first. Then it will be rolled out globally. Here’s our verdict. Call Of Duty Mobile will not come in September, but also it might come in October, on second or third week, but not late.

Here’s the link of Call Of Duty Mobile’s official Twitter account

Here’s the link of Call Of Duty Mobile’s official Instagram account