Download Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie Beta APK: Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie mode leaked

It is almost the ending time of Season 1 in Call Of Duty Mobile. Hence the developer Activision promised to bring the Zombie mode very soon, but no response was coming till now. But the NE Asian publisher of CODM, Garena has released the beta apk for their beloved gamers.

Well, it wasn’t expected how it started but Garena opened a closed beta server as well as an special apk in their region. It’s not a bad news, because anyone can play the game with a little efficiency.

Coming to the point, a YouTube channel named CRITICS which is gaming content creator channel. However, a video was posted on the channel with the brief gameplay of the ongoing Zombie mode in Call Of Duty. Whereas the video was very affirmative, we came to this point of posting it to you.

In this video we knew how the overall gameplay will look like and how the optimisation and graphics will be. It seems like Activision and Garena managed to maintain a stunning visual at a very tiny size of only 1GB. But the game is not available for all.

About the game and apk and availability

Garena released a beta apk which will be running on a test server for a while, like the first one Activision did before launch. Now Garena did the same. It’s probably because the whole gaming interface and visual properties might going to change.

Garena launched the game apk on 12 November 2019 which will be aborted in future when the beta phase ends. Only 20 thousands interested gamers can enjoy the beta testing now. They can download it and play simply how they play the original version. But if you want to enjoy the game, you probably should not late anymore. Because, no special seats or registration is offered this time. This will be available for all who plays first. This will be a first come – first serve thing. The download link is given below.

How to download and play the game?

The step is easy. All you need is download the apk and the app too from the link below.

Call Of Duty Zombie Beta apk


Download the Windscribe VPN:


Now, first install the apk you downloaded first and don’t open it. Then open the VPN and connect to Hong Kong, Victoria server. When connected, simply open and enter the game. After that you’ll redirected to login page. Guest log in is suggested here. Keep it in mind that the new ID will be completely new account and will be wiped when beta testing is over. So, don’t purchase anything from shop if you want to value money. Although, you’ll be given free 1,00,000 CP and some Credits to enjoy the game with full potential. You can use then for buying stuffs. Don’t link Facebook for better security.

What new is here?

Well, seems like something special and interesting are coming. Like new map called Summit and the new Zombie Mode of course which is anticipated for a long. This is not a regular Zombie Mode we saw in PUBG Mobile before. But it’s further more enjoyable and spooky that PUBG’s Zombie Mode. As shown in the picture, a vending machine is there. Probably it’s for buying stuffs in game which could be very useful.

Also there is a Scorpion Creature called Boss Zombie. Players will be spawned in the map and have to survive till the end. Also, zombie dogs, skull, magic trees are appearing to fight and knock you down. You also can give feedback to developers from the game directly.

Here’s the video of the Zombie Mode Gameplay:

(YouTube channel link)