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TECH WAM is a public website for latest and reliable news of technologies and other things related technology including any person involved in tech. This site is growing day by day and we also are positive for future. This site is completely free for all to surf. We are here to build a community with all persons around the world. No restrictions for anyone.

But at the same time we believe that the community should be free from all vulnerable things and thoughts. We work here spontaneously to make the community clean and fresh for all users. So here we have some rules that each and every user must follow. The rules are very sensitive and one should read it carefully before joining our community or share his/her thoughts.

  • We know it’s important to you to feel safe here. We maintain some instructions here ourselves too. At the same time these guidelines are applied to all.
  • One should respect other’s feelings and should not cultivate bad thoughts here. Everyone is allowed to say or share anything openly. But at the same time no one is allowed to say anything slang or bad, vulgar phrases to anyone. No one is allowed to write any intimate things or private thinking here. It is strictly followed by us to watch these things. No one is allowed to share any bad photos, videos or documents that harms someone’s felling and our community policies. Anything including, (but not limited to) cruelty, selfishness, nudity or sexuality, violation, human abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, murder, blood, pornogrphy, dark web, illegal business promotion or any kind of illegal things are totally restricted here and users who will be trying to promote violation or will harm our community will be banned to use this site or site related other services. Their comments will be deleted immediately.
  • We respect everyone and their culture and believe in equality. So users should be mentally free from all my and him here. We treat everyone same here. There are all kinds of people with different thought, religion, caste, nation and nationality. We shall respect each other and go with them, grow with them everyday. Everyone is provoked to say or share bads about opposite sex, believes, nation, religion. Always watch about language. It shouldn’t harm anyone mentally, financially and physically (if applied).
  • Our mission is to make a diverse community and grow with everyone. We always look into everyone’s problem. Your support is also expected and very needed.

    How we take steps?

    We often oversee the posts, comments that someone did, posts someone shared, our other social platforms. If we find anything wrong or suspected to our community, we immediately take step that is needed without any notice.

    If in any case we miss something that shouldn’t be in our community, the users who saw this shloud inform us. In this case they can write us with eligible proof as screenshot to remove something to mailto:[email protected] and mailto:[email protected]. We always are here for you.

    What steps we can take against any suspected user?

    We take steps regarding how he/she acts and interact with the community. If someone does anything bad for fun that does not harm others but harms our policy, then we shall notice him/her to tell to remove the content he/she provided.

    If someone shares anything that densely hrams the community as well as our policy, we shall take steps against him without any notice, such as remove the content and give a strike or ban him/her temporarily or maybe ban him/her permanently.

    How can I recover my account?

    In case if you think we mistakenly removed your conten or took a step against you that is inappropriate because you didn’t anything wrong, then please contact us at mailto:[email protected]

    If we find nothing wrong, then you’ll be recovered.

    We are continuously improving our site experience. We also do hard job to keep community clean and sustainable to everyone. We also believe in equality. So here, everyone is treated equally. No matter who he or she is. If someone has done anything wrong against our community, the following rules will be applied to him or her in same manner.

    Please note, these rules are applicable to every sites or third party platform that is linked with TECH WAM.

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