Elon Musk hired a meme creator to manage social media?

Billionaire Elon Musk is a quite funny person as well as he is a talented tech geek. Well, he now hired a meme creator just to manage his dream electeic car company Tesla. Adam Koszary to be his new social media manager for Tesla. Currently he’s the programme manager of ‘The Manager Of English Rural Life’. He will join Tesla in July.

By @TheMerl, their official account, Mr. Koszary tried to trawl an archived picture of a sheep last April to mark international unicorn day. The tweet captioned “Look at the absolute unit”.

Social media has a different kind of language and meaning of words and phrases. So here “absolute unit” simply stands for anything over – sized. The sheep’s picture went viral and became popular overnight. That tweet now has over 1,11,000 likes and has been retwetted more than 31,000 times.

Elon changed his twitter profile picture to that sheep and updated his bio as “Absolute Unit” and followed the museum’s page.

Manager Of English Rural Life also changed their profile picture to Elon’s own image.

The whole fun came to the result and it decided Mr. Koszary to join Tesla. The meme has done a marvelous job we see. The MERL tweeted for Mr. Koszary “Sob! We’re obviously very sad that the lovely and talented Adam now won’t be joining us, but know he’ll do a great job at Tesla”.