PUBG Mobile brings Erangle 2.0 in Chinese beta and global version will get it in December: Source

The most popular mobile video game PUBG Mobile is getting more and more hype day by day for it’s newly refined key map Erangle in PC version. PUBG Corporation already announced that they would bring it in the mobile version too and that would occure to happen soon. At a fresh passed PUBG Mobile competition, PMCO, PUBG Corporation’s executive producer TS Jang showcased a glimpse of a teaser video of the new Erangle. He also added that the map will be released sooon.

Tencent company, the publisher and developer of PUBG Mobile updated their game at final stage recently and it has been updated to version Company added the latest Hot Topic Payload Mode which is available from today to play. Basically the Payload Mode is a new mode available in Arcade section. Players will be able to fly with helicopter. Also, there are some new ballistics added such as Missile, RPG, Air Strike Beacon, etc. The new update also got a new prime level vehicle with superior armor which is only available to recall by a flare gun, outside the blue zone. It is called BRDM-2 and available only in Battleroyal mode for obvious. Hence the Battleroyal got a new piston, called Desert Erangle. It’s basically a semi-automatic pistol and fires 0.45 mm bullets. The 0.15.0 update also got major optimisation, improved interface amd control. Not to forget, the Halloween mode is also added with new scary-kinky music. It sounds awesome and fits well with the festival.

However, we got a news that Tencent is ready to add the Erangle 2.0 map in the upcoming Chinese beta this month. It means the stable version may come sooner or later next month. Seeing the past records, Tencent company should bring it up in November for Global beta of the game. It stands that all the Global users might get the update of the Erangle 2.0 in the month of December. A reminder again, PUBG officials have connected to their users saying “they are adding a finishing touch to the Erangle 2.0. It might take some time to make the most possible well optimised stunning graphics for mobile for AAA console like gaming experience. Saying of which, it is also coming that a new theme song for PUBG Mobile may come with Erangle 2.0 in future. It may be a mild one, opposite to the present version.

Here’s a short video of the upcoming changes in the map:

(credit: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND)[embedyt][/embedyt]