Privacy Concern raised against Face App: Here are some information about the app

FaceApp has been the viral and most discussed app this week. The app which can transform you into other personality amd can give you another face. But how it runs? Well, it uses Artificial Intelligence AKA AI to do so. The app has took the lead in 121 countries in iOS App Store. The origin of this app is actually is Russia. The app was a start up by a Russian app developer which was started in 2017. Now it has raised a security issue. It is said that this app can send photos from someone’s gallery to the Russian servers and can access those. The hype is being increased a lot that even celebrities are using this app heavily.

How does this app work?

As previously told, this app uses Artificial Intelligence to use the filters which can change someone’s photo to an old face which they would look like when gets old. And also this app can add some facial filters and hair, beard, male-up etc. But, not all the features are free. Certain features are free and there are more filters to apply.

The privacy concern raised with FaceApp:

The main and big problem came here, is the use of public photos and access them. Whether, the app asks in it’s Privacy Policy about ‘perpetual’ ‘irrevocable’ royalty-free and worldwide license to use content that directly means that this app can use and access those information which user has provided, for comercial purpose.

The more worried thing is that the app don’t need any log in for user. FaceApp report says 99 percent user don’t have any account. So, basically it stands that the app makes everything anonymous for users. It is impossible to know which photo and data belong to whom.

Then then big worrie comes in. The photos, made by FaceApp is not saved in local storage or gallery where it is uploaded to the cloud. Company said most of the photos, uploaded to the cloud are deleted within 48 hours of uploading. Though it is hard to believe if they really do the same or not.

Their response to the users:

FaceApp has cleared that they do not upload all photos to their servers or to cloud except the one which the user uses for editing. They also added, most of the photos are deleted from the cloud within 48 hours after upload.

They finally opened mouth and informed that users can now request for deleting their information from the servers. But FaceApp told to do “Report Problem” to do so.