Foxcon made a huge $43 million by making iPhones with stolen parts

A report by BGR

Where is the trust even onto the popular iPhones. Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner Foxcon is reportedly being accused for making iPhones with crooked hardwares. This case took a face when a Taiwan based Local Taiwan Media informed about it. The fraud ring of Foxcon is now under investigation already. Anyway, there is a light emitting onto a report that also claims some of the managers of company’s Zenghzhou factory are also involved in this fraud. This also cleared that in the past three years, the fraud by the company has made a vast 43 million dollars.

While the LTM informed about the case first that apparently “rattled” Foxcon amd found that every flawed iPhone parts has normally been destroyed but having a involvement of the fraud ring, they have been steering for making new iPhones.

A Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou has declined the medias when asking for his opinion on the scam. But then, not only declined but tried to outcome the situation by “Unreasonable things may happen to one or two workers” statement. To be noted, Foxcon bears more that one million of it’s employees.