Google finally ends it’s unique food name legecy for Android with Android 10

From the start, Google always kept changing it’s style, name and colors of their products. In 2015 Google changed it’s own logo finally. By then Google is continuing improvements of their almost every products and services. They also give a strict attention on their theme system as well.

From the decades when Android started with the name Cupcake AKA Android 1.5, Google has changed a lot of things here. Currently the Android mobiles are running on their latest version of 2018 Android 9 Pie. Some devices are getting a beta update for the upcoming Android too. But what is the upcoming Android name? Is it Android Q or something else? What could be? Well, Google finally ditching the sweet dessert name system of the highest running OS Android. After Android 9 Pie, no one will ever get any Android version with the name of any dessert. Google official announced that the 2019 Android version will be named as Android 10. Now the numeric legecy will continue thereafter.

Not only this. Bit Google also changed the logo of Android. The first Android logo was lime green in color. It became slight blue in green when changed last. Now, Google finally changed the Android identity with the logo. Before the change, Android used to be a full bear with two antenna like ears. Now the body has been cut off and the head is only shown as logo. The antennas are also told 1°. The eye position of that bear is also changed. Google also updated the logo with changeable facial expressions. The name color of Android is also changed. It used to be white before it. Now it is changed into grayish black and also there are some curves in corners of every letters.

So, now on you should call the so called Android Q as Android 10.