Huawei teased it’s upcoming tablet, will be named as ‘MatePad Pro’

Well it’s indeed a wait and wait situation, but Huawei is getting ready to launch their tablet in this month. The date is closer though. It should be 25th of November when company will launch their own tablet. The launch will be held in Shanghai, China. Company gave it a slogan “Reconstructive Creativity”.

Huawei gave a statement though. Company said, “In the past 1000 years, human beings have developed a larger field vision step by step. Now, from a larger perspective, there are still the ways.”

We however not sure what kind of beyond the innovation feature will Huawei add to their MatePad Pro, but it could be the display which is highlighted by the company again and again.

According to a previous leak, the Huawei tablet will have a 90 percent screen to body ratio. A picture that is revealed, suggests that the tablet will have a circular punch hole type front camera.

Where it comes to specs, the rumours and leaks tell about the hardware that might be featured in the Huawei tablet. The tablet could be powered by it’s own Kirin 990 processor where 8GB RAM will also be included. The screen size might be around 12 inches while the whole device will have upto 512GB of internal storage. And no memory expansion will be provided.

According to the upper image, the tab may come with a stylus and also, a iPad type multifunction keyboard will be provided. We are not sure if this will be included with the original device or will be excluded for sale like Apple.