Apple rolled out iOS 12.3.1 update

Apple team rolled out a new stable update yesterday, iOS 12.3.1 for those supported iPhones and iPads.

Thought it is not a huge update or a major change of interface as you can see the name. It is just to fix some bugs that have been for a long. The update fixes two types of bugs mainly. One is for your call fixing. For VoLTE calls, users could not make or receive a call. That is annoying, no? The second one is message app fixing. These has two phases. One of them is to fix the unnecessary appearing of unknown senders in user’s conversation list despite of the Filter Unknown Senders enabled. The other is to fix the disappearing of Report Junk Link in messages threads from unknown senders.

That’s all for the update. As previously mentioned, it isn’t a major update of change in OS. Though if you didn’t install this update, you should. Like, as example if you use VoLTE or you are experiencing messages issues, then you definitely install the update as soon as possible.

Source – GSMarena