Apple is now assembling iPhone XR in India

Well done, Apple. Apple will now assemble their iPhone XR lineup in India. Till then, they had to ship the ready-made devices from the near factory, from China. Last year Apple said that they will start iPhones production in India to give the regional customers a better value of their money by cutting some price down. It is now confirmed that the iPhone XR will be assembled in India and will be sold across the country.

This is a great move by Apple towards the positive response from customers. Because of some competitor companies like Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei, Apple was suffering in India pretty much since almost eight quarters. Also, the iPhone prices in India was already high that consumers felt safe with typical OnePlus or more premium, Samsung flagships.

Now it will be somewhat easier for brands like Apple to make their phones in India as the “Make In India” Government program is present. The techgiant Samsung has already established their largest phone manufacturing plant in India. Also, Oppo has their biggest R&D center after China in Bangalore. It can be fruitful move for India as the US-China trade war is going.

The iPhone XR is currently priced at Rs 49,999 which is already very aggressive looking at the brand and it might be lower in future. It also depends on the brand’s strategy.

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