Mi 10 is around the corner and is set to launch soon with curved Samsung AMOLED screen and Snapdragon 865+ processor

The most popular Chinese brand of this time, Xiaomi is now coming soon to launch their annual primary flagship phone of 2020. However it’s tended to be Mi 10. Bit this time it would not be a cheap device. Instead the the company officials are now on aligning on the premium side of the market. Xiaomi’s CEO and Chairman Mr. Lei Jun wrote through ithome “2020 is not very ordinary. But we always believe that good things are about to happen. There is a better life, and there are technologies that make life better.”, “Xiaomi Mi 10, you must live up to expectation.”, he added.

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Earlier Lei Jun already confirmed that Mi 10 series would not be a cheap lineup. According to him, the company is now rather focusing on the quality of Mi 10 series. Xiaomi arranged a big offline launch this time with upto 3000 attenders. But the launch has been cancelled due to the worst outbreak of Corona Virus in China. Now they are managing to make adjustment to the launch. Now the company will do a pure online live launch and revealing of Mi 10.

That’s all about the launch. Now we’ll discuss about some features of Mi 10 that are either confirmed or speculated.

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Well, for now we don’t have a confirmation of any hardware specifications except the display, storage RAM and SoC. Yesterday Xiaomi made a post on Weibo about the arrival of Mi 10. Just after that post, Samsung Display reposted the post which indicates one thing that Xiaomi would be going to Samsung for the 90Hz display. But this 90Hz display will not be an ordinary, usual display. The display technology will be sAMOLED and will be curved display. For now, we don’t know whether it will be a full HD plus display or a quad HD plus display.

Next thing on the features line we knew about is the storage and memory. There are numerous speculation and rumours that says the Mi 10 will use the latest LPDDR5 RAM which is also the fastest available RAM type in the market, pairing with UFS 3.0 type internals. It seems to be true because the company already said that Mi 10 will be a refreshed and real premium flagship this time.

Worth mentioning that Samsung ISOCELL, HUIDING, Zhuhai Guanyu and Micron semiconductor also reposted the same post noticeably. It indicates that Xiaomi is going with various companies and their technologies to provide better user experience this time. Whether it’s about Samsung 108 megapixel primary sensor or 4800mAh dense battery or wireless charging or super fast internals, Xiaomi will now have a great quality product with premium offering in 2020.

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Earlier today Xiaomi confirmed that Mi 10 will have support for WiFi 6 standard natively. The WiFi 6 technology was introduced in 2019. In this technology, the capable hardware support from 1GHz to 6GHz frequency standards. This has been introduced to support a strong and reliable connection indoor as well as outdoor with superb efficiency. While the new WiFi 6 is IEEE 802.11ax. This technology uses uplink MU-MIMO, 1024QAM modulation and 8×8 mimo technologies etc. With these users can achieve a peak speed of 9.6Gbps.

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