Poco confirmed launch date of next phone ahead of launch; next month

The Poco case was in smoke from a long time. Since the Poco F1 which arrived globally as POCOPHONE F1 was launched, the company decided to hibernate for some time. Well, that hibernation kept going long, at least for 1.5 years. Lots of Poco fans mainly from China, India and Indonesia became thirsty questioning the Parent company Xiaomi when the next Poco is coming. But the company remained silent and just a few days ago it became official that the next Poco should arrive this year, at the earliest. Rumours were around since Alvin Tse, POCOPHONE Global Head made a tweet about it. Anyhow, from there the news became popular and being the topic of discussion.

Enough of chit chats. Let’s now move on to the main topic. Xiaomi India made some special announcements today on their official social media pages. On Facebook, Twitter and other socials they have posted bunch of photos and a video to with some hot topic captions. It clearly says that the next Poco phone will be launched next month, so is February.

Manmohan Chandolu, Poco India’s General Manager officially confirmed that the next Poco will arrive in February. Also, a few day ago, Poco F2 Lite’s real life live images came to public. It clearly showed the android module and device model.

Also, Xiaomi India’s VP Mr. Manu Kumar Jain also confirmed Poco’s existence on some of India’s popular tech YouTuber’s channels. But he also said that Poco is now an independent brand and is working to bring the next device as soon as possible. Because the leaks were confirmed by the trusted news sources, it’s the most possible fact that Poco F2 Lite is coming in February while the Poco X2 is getting ready for a hit launch.

As we don’t know all the specs yet amd the company will also try to make it hazy before the launch, we somehow got to know some of the specs of the upcoming Poco F2 Lite. To know more about the Poco F2 Lite leaks and rumour click here.