PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 will add a helicopter in vehicle section for Battleroyal mode

PUBG Mobile has come to a very long distance till the launch. As it has the time for it’s new update, the 0.14.5 patch will be adding new features like the helicopter in Battleroyal section and heavy weapons such as Rocket Launcher etc.

It’s been September and PUBG Mobile is getting ready for new update which will be 0.14.5. Now many will ask what will be the new kick now in the game. So, we let all those gamers know that the latest upcoming 0.14.5 update will add many features. But the highlight of the update is the Helicopter. Tencent will add helicopters in Battleroyal mode as vehicle. Players will be able to fly to any destination they want. It’s difficult to rush somewhere when the zone shrinks and teams guard bridges. Even helicopters will fly faster than any earth vehicle.

It’s very simple that the competition is very narrow today, even among the video-games. Since Call Of Duty Mobile came to mobile platform, a lot of mobile gamers has turned to COD as it is something new and has different approach from the useal Battleroyal games. So, Tencent is now taking some of the best features from PUBG’s competitors like COD. Helicopter is one of them.

A new heavy weapon feature will be added in 0.14.5. A rocket launcher will be added in armory. Players could use ot in Battleroyal to destroy vehicles.

Also, a report claims that the Erangle 2.0 new map will be added after 0.15.0 update. Hope for the best.