PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 upde has released with new Death Race Mode, perspective switch and more

PUBG Mobile Latest global release

Another week, another interesting PUBG Mobile update just passing. Recently a popular gaming sensesor Mr. Ghost Gaming posted a new video on YouTube with the gameplay of upcoming PUBG Mobile update which Will be 0.16.0. This latest update has been already released in several regions though. But we can get a simple pre-look on the game, how this will be and feel when it comes. Though it will come with some awesome worthy of wait features with it.

TPP to FPP perspective switch:


The main feature of the upcoming update is to be the player perspective switch feature. Well, this feature is already has Ben added to the Chinese patch note when released the game at the very early time. Now many players were asking the developers to add the perspective switch mode in TPP. This is actually a PC and console feature which came to the Chinese version of the game. Later Activion added it in their Call Of Duty Mobile.

In this feature, players can easily switch between third person perspective mode to first person perspective mode according to their needs. But for the clearance, this feature will be available only in TPP gameplay.

Snow in Erangle Mao:

images (2)

The another special update is already mentioned. Winter is coming. PUBG added a snow map called Vikendi past year. This year it will be another wow update. PUBG developers is adding some snow fall effects with specific snow location to it’s primary map Erangle. We are awaiting to see it too.

New Death Race Mode:

Yet another mode is on development that could make it’s way to the update. It is called ‘Death Race Mode‘. 

Well don’t know very clearly about the mode at the earliest, but a specific strong hints coming from some gaming icons that it might take place at the training ground ob the game. Here players will have to race in the race track of the training mode ground. To be specific, It is likely to be like the deathmatch AKA TDM mode.


Another major and strong rumors are coming that the awaiting map Erangle V2.0 is also coming. A refined version of Erangle with more realising feeling and vibrant graphics is also likely to make it’s debut on the game. We are also hopeful for that. But the Beta update has not been added by the new map yet. So it might take time to 0.16.1 or 0.16.2 to make it’s way clear. 

Here’s the video gameplay of Mr. Ghost Gaming