Razer is planning for a new wireless earbuds, most likely Samsung wireless solution: images leaked

Razer AKA Razer Blade is a popular hardware company who basically manufactures high end gaming PCs, laptops, and other accessories. They also have a wide range of various headphones and earphones too. We somehow got to know that Razer is getting ready to compete directly against Samsung, Google, Apple, etc. Confused? Okay, I am clearing things for you. As you already know, but if you didn’t somehow, let me tell you first that Razer has multiple headphones for gaming and also a Bluetooth earphone which is basically a neckband. Razer calls it Hammerhead. But it was not enough as the competition ongoing is very tough.

The following images are the photos of that Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth neckband. It already costs $100 and on the other side, they don’t have any truly wireless earbuds which is the trends today’s. Like Apple’s Airpod and Samsung’s Earbuds 2 and other compact earbuds, Razer did not have any those kind things. Consumers also wanted something very interesting from their favorite company. So Razer is going to launch a pair of these earbuds with charging case.

Recently, Vivo also launched their truly wireless TWS earbuds which was intended to suppress the dominating Airpods in their region and probably globally. Now it seems like Razer wants to get some attention from not only their but other non-gamer consumers too. Razer is a USA based company, established by a Singaporean entrepreneur in 2005. Now it also wants to make space in USA in sound and others things. We don’t know further information as of now, but we just got these new images showing how it would be like in design and aesthetics. When it will step in market, it will have to run against many well-established brands. It will be interesting to see the competition though. Will you like to have a Razer Earbuds in future or will stick to Airpod or Samsung Earbuds. Let us know in comment section below.