Realme X bootloader unlock: full guide step by step

Realme has finally updated their status as a free developable company now. Realme released the process to unlock the bootloader of Realme X finally today. It’s just been a while since Realme X launched. Now the bootloader and kernal open-source code is revealed. So, users, most rightly to say developers can test multiple things like customer ROMs, various apps and they also can flash the storage and modify their device however they want. So, without further delay, let’s now go to the bootloader unlocking process. But before that, we forcefully want you to read the Disclaimer completely.

[ Disclaimer]

This is an important Disclaimer, released by company. We, however want every users to read it carefully before unlocking the bootloader of their device. Unlocking bootloader can cause various damage to user’s data.

  1. Unlocking Bootloader can erase all the data of user’s phone. So take a back up before unlocking your phone.
  2. Various other tests such as in-depth test can affect your phone internally. Some features may not work properly because of third party firmware. As example the phone can not work properly like camera app, recorder etc.
  3. User’s data and personal information can leak and also security could be compromised.
  4. In-depth tests can interfere into the device’s system and can prevent to get official software updates of ColorOS and other patch updates in future.
  5. After unlocking phone, Widevine L1 will be replaced with Widevine L3.

If you read ot carefully and are ready to go further, please do follow all the steps bellow accordingly. Remember, your negligence could harm or damage your device. In such case, your device may be locked forever or something unusual can happen. So, follow the steps as mentioned.

Steps to unlock Realme X bootloader:

Before we proceed, you should check for the preparation first.

Things you’ll need:
  • Check your device is charged upto 60%+. We recommend to charge the device to at least 70%.
  • You will need a USB cable.
  • You will need a PC (Desktop/Laptop) or MacBook.
  • You will need to update the phone to the latest patch, company released.
Bootloader unlocking steps:
  • First install the Unlock Tool app from the link. You also will get the link at the last of this page.
  • After installing it, you need to apply for unlocking the bootloader via this tool.
  • Open unlocking tool.
  • Click on Start Applying.
  • Read the Disclaimer carefully and proceed further. Check on the I have read and agreed to the aforesaid content.
  • Now click on Submit Application.
  • This application will be checked by Realme Officials and will respond back. Wait until the you get response from the company.
  • After approximately one hour you will see the status on the unlocking tool. If it shows ‘Review Successful‘, then proceed further to the following steps.
  • Now click on the Start The In Depth Test.
  • Now the device will rebook automatically. Now you will see a message on your screen (fastboot_unlock_varify ok).
  • Now download and install the fastboot tool on your PC or MacBook. You can download it from this link. The link will be given below too.
  • Now connect your phone with PC or MacBook via USB. In the fastboot mode you need to command as told.
  • – Enter the command: adb reboot bootloader
  • – Press “Enter”on your keyboard
  • – Enter the command: fastboot flashing unlock- Press “Enter”on your keyboard
  • Press the volume up key of your phone and select Unlock. It will show this like the picture below.
  • When it shows, just enter command “fastboot reboot”.
  • Then your phone will reboot automatically and will enter in-depth test mode. After the attempt, all your data will be permanently erased.

Some important questions and their answers officially from company:

Q1. Will it affect the warranty of the device?

  • No. All unlocked devices will remain same and can claim warranty to problems, caused by flashing any custom ROM.

Q2. Will it end getting software updates?

  • Yes, unlocking device will stop getting updates directly from Realme. But you can start to get updates again if you re-lock bootloader.

Important download links:

  1. Realme X Bootloader unlocking tool for mobile link: Download
  2. Fastboot tool for PC or MacBook: Download
  3. Realme X full Kernal Source code: link

*The process of re-locking the bootloader will be uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned for that. Keep following us.