Redmi AirDots full review: truth; is it worth buying Redmi AirDots in 2020 in India?

Redmi AirDots full view open image with charging case

There are so many truly wireless earphones in the market. No matter if it’s budget friendly or expensive one. In China customer can even choose from $10 to get one. In India now, brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Mivi etc brands are approaching to apply a knowledgeable fund after truly wireless earphones. It sometimes makes too much headache to buyers before buying these. So, we bought a Redmi AirDots, a truly wireless earbuds presented by Xiaomi. Well, for now the company has not launched it yet in India but we brought it from China for you. In this article you can find the in-detailed review of the Redmi AirDots.

Before start, few things to clear. The Redmi AirDots are currently not available in India officially but you can buy this from the links below, provided in the last of this page.

The Redmi AirDots is an ideal in the ear type wireless earbuds. There are many similarities in design between the Redmi AirDots and Samsung Galaxy Buds. The charging case and the pair of two buds are also ideal. It’s not all wrong to be near to similar if it delivers good user experience and satisfaction.

Redmi AirDots Specifications:

The Redmi AirDots is a truly wireless earbuds by Xiaomi and it carries a model number of ‘TWSEJ04LS’. In the connectivity section the Redmi AirDots features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connection. The Bluetooth protocols are HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP type. The good thing about it is the connectivity range. The Redmi AirDots provides 10 meters of accessible connective distance. At least that’s what company claims and we’ll see it keenly after. The standby time company claims is also not so bad. The overall standby time of the AirDots is 150 hours, according to the company. And this time can be achieved with the charging case. The active play time is 4 hours only and the charging case can charge the buds 3 times so the buds can run 12 hours long in a single charge. Now let’s come to power and battery section. The each single AirDots feature 40mAh battery and the charging case has a backup of 300mAh rechargeable battery. Company claims that the charging case gets charged from 0 to 100 percent in 2 hours. To be all clear, the Redmi AirDots doesn’t have fast charging feature. And the single earbuds each takes 1.5 long hours for full charge. Each buds are 4.1 grams in weight and the case is 31.3 grams heavy. They are 35.4 grams heavy in total.

The buds contains a DSP chip to reduce noise intelligently. And the each earbud has 7.2mm dynamic driver unit that produces nice bass. It also has a one tap multifunctional button to control the buds. The Redmi AirDots is equipped with voice control feature. Lastly the packing box contains the earbuds with charging case and the paperwork manual only.

That’s all for hardware specs. Now move forward to review.

Redmi AirDots Review:

We’ll define the AirDots in two different sections. First will be after one year review and the last section will have difference between the promise of the company and real time delivery of service.

After 1 year review of Redmi AirDots:

We used the Redmi AirDots from a long year and tested in various way and conditions. Now we finalized and decided to give the Redmi AirDots a rating in 5 stars. We’ll rate it at the last of the review.

The main thing in a truly wireless earbuds is intended to be the battery backup of the buds. The company claims it to be 4 hours long. As a wireless earbud’s perspective 4 hours play time is a below natural standard in today’s market. Other brands deliver at least 6 hours of play time in general. In our test, the average play time we got is arround 3.5 hours. In some usage conditions we got higher and lower play time also accordingly.

After the full usage, we somehow managed to charge the buds with case in 2 hours. For reference, the buds dont have fast charging but for 10 minutes charge you can get 15-20 minutes play time at arround 60 percent volume. The charging case have USB-B port for charging which is also backdated. But at this price range you get a justified charging speed too.

Now, the focus of a truly wireless earbuds is the sound quality. The Redmi AirDots stands in a good state in sound quality. It offers a good amount of bass as well as the treble while maintaining the highs and lows too. But the problem we faced is the usability. The design of the AirDots is not so practical so that many users we offered to test it said it wrong. The seal of the ear-canal is ok but it somewhere very uncomfortable to wear on constantly. The buds are light as they are made of plastic but it doesn’t offer a good stability while staying in ear. Also a very important thing, majority of us have found that the ears start hurting after a constant use of 3-4 hours. Probably for the sound it delivers.

Is the Redmi AirDots worth buying?

You can guess the size of the buds from the image above. Now the point is how much it costs and is this worth buying in 2020?

Well, we’ll say it depends. Firstly the Redmi AirDots cost around $22 by the time which is equivalent of ₹1,600. And in this price point no brands have launched anything so far. Some other products are available in the online market by some unknown companies but they don’t deliver fullness of money. While the battery backup of the AirDots is somewhere arround the promising limits. The sound quality is also fair enough to compete against others. The accessibility and the connectivity is also ideal and good. So after all these things, we’ll like to give it 4 stars in 5 stars rating.

Now where the point is the money worth investing in the Redmi AirDots? Here are few things to maintain and follow. If you are want a good truly wireless earbuds at a lowest budget and battery life doesn’t matter much to you, the Redmi AirDots will be a good choise here. If you are a music freak and sound matters the most and other things don’t work for you, you would probably like to skip the buds. There are some better options like Realme Buds Air at a few extra cost. If you want an overall justified truly wireless earbuds and you budget is tight below ₹2000 then you can consider buying one.

Currently the Redmi AirDots is priced at ₹1,501 in an app by Xiaomi, called ShareSave. ShareSave offers good and fast delivery service with one year warranty in India. Users in India can claim the warranty and get the full benefit of warranty policy.

To buy one Redmi AirDots: click here.