Xiaomi ia planning to launch Redmi 9 series via online in India due to Corona outbreak

As for the previous report, Xiaomi India confirmed the launch date of Redmi’s upcoming most popular series, the Note series. Xiaomi officially announced that they will launch Redmi Note 9 series on 12th of March in India. However the new Note lineup seems to be promising but Xiaomi is still facing delivery and manufacturing issues due to the Corona outbreak in China.

Today, by social media platforms, Xiaomi gave an important update to all the Mi fans and consumers. They said that they would not arrange any offline on stage launch event as like before they have done several times when launching their important products in India. Instead the company would stick to reveal the Redmi Note 9 online. According to the Xiaomi, an offline gathering for the launch could deal with people’s health badly. So, the company does not want to take risks of spreading the epidemic COVID-19 disease here.

There is a global outbreak of Coronovirus COVID-19 that has affected people severely. Given this unprecedented situation, we have an important update for you. We won’t be holding any launch events on-ground throughout March in India. While we’ve been planning this launch for months, we believe this step is crucial.

We are taking this decision with the objective of reducing exposure risk to Coronavirus COVID-19 for our Mi fans, media friends, partners and Xiaomi employees.

says Xiaomi India.

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Redmi 9 Pro expected specifications:

Apparently the Redmi Note 9 Pro would be the successor of Redmi Note 8 Pro. So the hardware should not be limited to any boundaries. While the Note 8 Pro would come along with MediaTek Helio G90T chipset, some rumours are being surrounded for Redmi Note 9 Pro that supports the fact that this phone would probably feature MediaTek Dimensity 1000L chip this time. Not to forget that this Dimensity 1000L is a flagship chip by MediaTek. According to the company, the Dimensity 1000L can compete directly against Snapdragon 855. Again, this is not a confirmed news but a speculation by the leaksters.

Recently a photo came to light of Mr. Manu Jain holding a phone by it’s back on social media. That was none other that Redmi Note 9. We could clearly see the USB-C port under the chin. Moreover, the Note 9 Pro is said to feature a 90Hz refreshed display. Also, some reports suggest the phone could come with 6, 8 and a 12 GB RAM models. We have also received a news about the phone with it’s 5000mAh battery inclusion. While the Redmi Note is a budget smartphone, we can assume the base price to be under Rs 20,000 and that will probably get higher upto Rs 22,000 for the 12 GB model. The launch is finalized for 12th March, 2020.