Samsung to release their two new fast charging enabled power banks of 10000mAh power and wireless charging support

Samsung recently launched their first 2020 flagship smartphone lineup under S20 name. However, it was not only the product Samsung has made public that they have launched a truly wireless earbuds too. The new wireless earbuds are called as Galaxy Buds+ which is not a major but a most minor upgrade that it’s predecessor Galaxy Buds. The new Galaxy Buds has more or less the similar design with greater battery life and usage backup. Anyway, Samsung is now going to add new electronic products in their portfolio soon.

The company has announced two new different power banks. There are two similar looking power banks thought it carries some unique features itself. The new Samsung power banks have these nifty features.

Whether the specifications meet, both has the capacity of 10000mAh battery and interestingly both have support for fast charging. But there are some differences in itself too. The cheaper variant has 10000mAh battery and has one USB-A port and one USB-C port. The cool feature is that the Samsung power bank supports 25 watt fast charging too but it only works for the USB-C port. And natively the type A port supports 15 watt charging.

One the other hand, Samsung’s costly power bank also has the backup of 10000mAh battery’s power. But it has two USB-C ports and both of them support 27 watt fast charging in this case. The unique feature of the costly power bank is it’s wireless charging support. Yes, this Samsung power bank has native support for wireless charging as it has wireless charging pad on the top.

The both power banks support pass-through feature so that users can charge the power bank while charging a phone with the power bank at the same time. Samsung has not disclosed any pricing details so far but we got the flash of it’s pricing. The expensive 10000mAh set could cost you arround $79,99 (roughly ₹5,600) and that stands the cheaper model to be around $59,99 (roughly ₹4,200). Samsung has not started the sale for these products now but it may set to the market with the Galaxy S20 series later soon.