Six camera smartphone is here; Sony will launch 5G six camera phone next year

As the time is flowing, companies are getting very competitive against each other. Just a couple of years ago, the duel camera smartphone were just getting popular over the world. But with the time being it is nothing a deal-breaker thing for people at all. Only a complete year ago, Triple camera smartphone were being cherished, but not for a long time. Today we already have four rear camera smartphones which are also a late technology as well. Brands like Nokia, Xiaomi launched penta camera phone in the year. This is unbelievable. And now Sony which is already going in a past time than it’s competitors, is likely to beat others with it’s upcoming phones.

Didn’t believe it? We’ll explain it for you.

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Earlier this year, in June some rumours were being scrolling around that Sony might bring a flagship device under it’s Experia series. It should be named as Sony Experia O, according to the rumours. Now, we are also getting news about the Sony flagship. A report claims that the Experia O will be launched next year with native 5G connectivity. Probably the phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor.

Where the leak and spot goes, some are claiming the phone should arrive around the middle of February 2020. It’s quite obvious though if Qualcomm announces their 865 in December. Earlier this month, Qualcomm announced they will be releasing their flagship 865 chip in December.

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