Now users don’t need a Xperia phone for PS4 Remote Play streaming

We often use consoles as a gaming device in our lifestyle. But all the time it’s not so good for enjoyment. As far the news comes, Sony will push an update for PS4, just to feature some awesome new useful features. At the present time, those who have Sony Xperia device, can remotely stream any games to their phones from the PS4 directly. Now Sony confirmed that this incredible feature will be developed for all and will be pushed for all, even those who don’t own any Sony smartphone. Using the PS4 Remote Play app anyone can easily stream the ongoing games directly from their consoles to their mobiles. This feature will work after the upcoming PS4 update V 7.00 and will work on Android 5.0 or above and iOS 9 and above.

However, Sony also confirmed that tge Duelshock 4 controller will be supported on Android 10 and latest iOS 13 and iPad OS 13. Though it’s a Bluetooth controller, it doesn’t work with present version of Android OS.

source (PlayStation Blog)