Xiaomi Blackshark 3 design reveled, set to launch on 3rd March

The Blackshark lineup by Xiaomi is a popular handset smartphone among many mobile gamers. Which is going to make it’s debut for it’s ultimate successor of 2020 next month. It will be appropriate to say next week as the launch is set for 3rd day of March. But before the even launch, Xiaomi started the pre-registration yesterday. While on pre-registration phase, we got couple of teasers so far. These reveal the design and looks partially, so.

As far we have official information, the Blackshark has the trending 120 Hz smooth display with the upgraded touch response of 240 Hz sampling rate. This is the highest touch response rate available on a smartphone right now in the market. Moreover, the display has the capability of 24 ms single finger touch lag and 28 ms multi finger touch register latency. These are the optimum number of latency and response time to ensure best smoother and satisfied gaming experience. We are speculating the display to be a QHD+ by now.

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While on the hardware perspective, we have some more information about it. Its not confirmed though but also has the back of trustworthy leaks. We can expect the latest Snapdragon 865 processor under the wood with the back of UFS 3.0 type internals and LPDDR5 RAM. The RAM module could be LPDDR4X type as there are clash among the rumours that some say about LPDDR4X and some are carrying LPDDR5 perspective.

On the back, the Blackshark 3 will not be so different in design but will have LED illuminated logo on the back. We also have seen a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the teaser, so a relief for those headphone jack lovers. Another photo suggest, the Blackshark will feature duel stereo speaker instead of mono speaker. On the other hand some rumours say that the phone will be backed by 5000mAh massive battery with 65 watt super fast charging support.