Xiaomi Smartwatch, the Apple Watch 5 competitor is teased by company: launching on 5th November

Well well, it seems like the blockbuster launch phase in on for Xiaomi. It is not unknown to one anymore that Mijia is a sub-brand of Xiaomi which mainly manufactures electronics like E-scooter, smart bulbs, home air purifier, dish washer, luggage bags etc. Now Mijia has also made a smartwatch like Apple watch 5. Yes, Xiaomi is now bringing a new product to it’s echo system.

But we got some clear images of this upcoming Mi Smartwatch from company’s CEO, Lei Jun. Not only that. Some official renders came directly from company. Mijia posted the renders consistently on it’s official Weibo account. So we have the renders now so far which tell us more about the Mi Smartwatch.

According to the images, the Mi Watch contains the control wheel on the right side as Apple Watch has one. It should control the apps and switch to home screen. We shall know what exactly it does when it will launch. Moreover, we can see the microphone hole, speaker slit and power button. For your information, the Mi Watch will also feature the heart rate sensor, so it will be able to track real time heart rate consistently.

We also get the image of the clear front screen of the duos. Besides that, Xiaomi Mi Watch will be available in two different colors, the Elegant Black and the Plated Silver. According to the post, the watch surface will be made of Aluminum and it will help company to cut down the manufacturing price of the watch.

Also, the more important thing, it’s basic system hardware and compatibility. Xiaomi is using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 wearable processor this time to power the smart wearable watch. However, the smartwatch will feature GPS band, NFC chip, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 in it. The interesting thing is that the Mi Watch will have support for eSIM. Awesome, isn’t it? We have currently no official news about the battery. But some sources believe that the smartwatch will have a 2-3 days continuous battery backup with support for fast charging too. The OS is also a main thing to focus on any device. So Xiaomi’s Smartwatch will be powered by Google’s latest Wearable OS.

Xiaomi is taking on Apple Watch 5 this time and it looks and feels almost the same, seeing these renders. Well, we’ll see what exactly Xiaomi packed potentially in the Mi Smartwatch in future when it is launched. The launch date is confirmed by the company. It should be next week, on 5th November with the launch of Mi Note 10 AKA Mi CC9 Pro.

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source – Weibo (in Chinese)