Xiaomi showcases it’s first demonstration of under display camera phone

Xiaomi’s 1 year old new flagship sub-brand POCOPHONE’s global head Alvin Tse has twitted a new video about a new kind of technology that was rumoured from many times before. Now it has been seen that the company has implemented camera under the display.

We stepped forward to the full view display technology just a year before or some times more. Vivo was the company who introduced us to the revolutionary pop-up camera system. It removed the annoying notch from the screen. Now it is the time for something new. The under display cera is knocking at the door.

Well it seems like with Oppo Xiaomi is also ready for the battle of innovation. Samsung has also started to work and develop on this technology as well. Let’s see from which company consumers get a commercial device for use first.

Here is the link of that tweet Alvin Tse’s tweet